How to Connect Machine Trading to Your Personal Trading Account – January ROI 63%

Your Personnal Trading Account

Step 1. Set up a brokerage account or if you already have your own personal investment account this step is almost complete for you.  Set up the account so that Futures can be traded on your account.

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Set Up Sovoron as a Trader on Your Account

Step 2. Set us up as a user giving us only access to trade your account for you.  We only need access to trade futures on your account and do not require any other permissions on your account

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We Connect our Software (Machine Trading) to your Account

Step 3. We Machine Trade your account using our software which is based on a rule set of over 8,000 rules developed by our data provider. These rules have been developed over a 2 year period based on proven algorithms and charting.

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Our Unique Investment Solution

We have developed a trading solution that provides the utmost security of your investment dollars with higher than market returns.  Our Machine trading generates maximum returns with minimal risk.  In order to do this we have developed a very unique investment solution.

To provide the security you're looking for we have come up with a solution where your investment dollars never leave your hands.  Your money is always securely in your own trading account.  You give us permissions to only have access to trade your account with our Machine Trading Software.  To provide additional security Sovoron will have a trader overseeing the Machine Trading to ensure executions are always happening as planned.

To achieve higher than market returns we use Machine Trading software provided by our data provider which has been developed based on proven algorithms and charts.  The January results of trading for over 63% return substantiates that returns are much higher than market averages.


Have Your Account Machine Traded

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information.

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