Crude Oil Futures CL  – Machine Trading

We will execute trades on your own personal brokerage account using our Machine Trading which is based on data provided by our data provider.  These trades are executed based on a very complex rule set and algorithmic charts developed by our data provider.  These trade executions are supervised by one of our expertly trained traders.


What makes our service unique

What makes our Crude Oil Futures Machine CL Trading unique is that your investment money never leaves your hands.  You simply allow our data provider to Machine Trade your account.  We will guide you how to set up your account so Sovoron can only execute trades on your account and will not have access to any other features.

What makes our software unique is that we have developed EPIC IDENT™ which is data-driven order flow intelligence in real-time to achieve best outcomes.The software includes and executes to a proprietary order flow identification system that tracks behavior (specifically isolating other market machine liquidity) and weighs identified entities and historical trade patterns to its trade decisions (instructions). It increases its intelligence as it gathers data intra-day specific to liquidity flow, historical patterns, time of day, volatility, various preferences, latency, rejects and more. The method is similar to back-testing charting, however, the process is real-time. In short the software is looking for “fingerprints” within market liquidity. We cannot back-test 60 months as with charting but back-testing from date of software inception is possible.


Next Steps…

Please contact Sovoron to find our how to get started based on your personal preferences.

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