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Sovoron SRL
Feb 20, 2019 12:01 EST


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Feb 18, 2019 — SOVORON™, a new market world trading firm, has selected Compound Trading Group Machine Trade Data for deployment of their current client trading services, near-term deployment of a machine traded fund and machine learning Robo Adviser planned for 2020.

SOVORON™ has engaged Compound Trading Group specific to Oil Futures CL data and plans to on-board other algorithmic machine learning data from Compound Trading Group as it becomes available.

SOVORON™ has selected Compound Trading Group’s Oil Futures CL trading data based on the reliability of high return.

Compound Trading; “We have been working toward the launch of our machine learning software for over two years. The recent launch of our first (Oil Futures Contract CL) model software has been a great success. We look forward to developing machine learning environments for our other algorithm models for other financial instruments including equities, crypto, currency and commodities. The SOVORON™ relationship is one of many we are developing. We are encouraged by the trust SOVORON™ and others have in our machine learning data,” said Jen Langison, head of communications at Compound Trading Group.

Sovoron; "Our vision has been to provide a simple, secure solution for investors giving them the ability to trade their own personal investment account and generate extraordinary returns.  By partnering with our new data provider, Compound Trading, we now have this solution in place.  Also through this relationship we look forward to providing AI based Machine Trading in the near future.  The basis for AI Machine Trading is already in place in our existing Machine Trading software" said Richard Regan, President of Sovoron


SOVORON™ offers a unique trading service providing clients with technology application based Machine Trade of personal investment accounts. To explore their unique client service structure click here,

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About Compound Trading Group

Compound Trading Group is a market data provider to retail, commercial enterprise and institutional traders.

Trader Services – Compound Trading Group provides trader data services such as algorithm development, periodicals, trade coaching, trade alerts and live trading rooms. The near term objective is a digital dashboard environment for traders to fully engage machine trade and intelligent assisted trade data offered only at the commercial enterprise level.

Commercial Enterprise Services – Compound Trading Group develops financial instrument algorithm models and provides connect-ability to its proprietary AI Machine Trading software / data (representing various financial instruments) to private trade and institutional firms. Compound Trading Group also provides enterprise trader training, integration services, custom software / data constructs and strategic partner development opportunities.

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Press contact for Compound Trading Group:Jennifer Langison,

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